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Observation: Adding Social Counts Increases Conversions By +3.1%

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Does Adding Social Counts Increase Conversions?

Showing counts of how many people have already downloaded, purchased, signed up to something is a form of social proof. But does it work in terms of raising conversions? I am slowly beginning to think so with a low +0.5 Certainty About A Median +3.1% Effect based on data from 2 A/B tests. This observation was made from two rather weak results and so we are on the look out for additional data to be even more certain. I admit that this is just a starting point, and need your help. Have you seen any similar tests, evidence or research for or against a change like this? If so, please share it.

Please Share What You Know Before September 27th For A Chance to Win

How Do We Measure Certainty?

If you need a refresher on how we calculate certainty and what it means, we’ve written about it here. Essentially, there higher the number, the more tests exist in favor of the idea, and the more certain we are that a change will have a positive effect.

What’s Datastories?

It’s a monthly publication where we aim to discover what concrete UI changes have an impact on conversions. We do this by making observations from similar a/b tests which are then updated each month as new data is shared. The end goal is to help optimization experts predict the effects of changes and increase their chances of finding winning tests.

And The Winner Is [Updated Sept 27th]

Thanks for all the comments. Jono Young was selected as the winner of this micro contest. ๐Ÿ™‚

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Posted by Jakub Linowski on Sep 22, 2016

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This is one of the things I always recommend for converting “The Four Cs.” There are Four Cs in Conversion. The first ‘C’ is for Confused People. Confused People are more comfortable making decisions to take an action if other people have done it before them. This also benefits the second ‘C’ – Curious People. This is the “monkey see, monkey do” effect, which goes all the way back to our herding mentalities as primitive human beings – this is a digital form of that. Somewhere, deep in our digital psyche, there is a natural attraction to what other people… Read more ยป
Nedim Sabic

But what if the counter says “0 Downloads so far!”?


How about changing the state to countdown from 100,000. The last one who countdown to zero can get some special gift. I think it can solve the problem with โ€œ0 or 45 Downloads so far!โ€. When download number is bigger, we can also add the current download number on the page. The rest to do is to think what the description look like and design it to attract clicks.

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