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The Mentorship Will Delivering Gains To The Following Metrics On Your Site :

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Hi, I'm Jakub Linowski :)

Running A/B tests since 2013.
Expert in design concepting.

Some mentorships include:

  • Health
  • Health
  • Education
  • Health
  • Real Estate
  • and others

Hi, I'm Vlad Malik.

Running A/B tests since 2013.
Expert in site evaluation and rapid test setup.

Some mentorships include:

  • Health
  • Automotive
  • Software
  • Finance
  • Real Estate
  • and others

In the First Month We'll Deliver The Following:

Clarity On What To Test Next

With 25 Of Our Best & Prioritized Ideas

In order to increase your win rate and test the highest impact ideas first, we need to prioritize. Prioritization is a way to bring your and our ideas together. Prioritization is also a way for us to rank our ideas so that we run the best ones first. When we begin working together we’ll identity and look at your key screens. Each idea we’ll weigh with points from: real test results, customer research and our subjective experience.

  • We’ll identify 5-10 of your key screens & analyze them.
  • We'll generate 25+ optimization ideas.
  • We’ll prioritize ideas using past data, customer research & subjective certainty.

Highest Impact Ideas

With 2 Detailed Test Concept Sketches

We'll take two top ideas as a team and design a full test concept around it with possible multiple variations. You will be able to take this and build an experiment from it.

  • We'll sketch out and refine 2 top ideas in detail.
  • We'll back the ideas with real test data.

A Running Test

With Guidance From Us

Within the first week or two, our goal is to get you to run your best & highest probability test running. We'll do whatever we can to get that test launched. As soon as that's done, we start working on our next test.

  • Test setup quickly with our help.
  • We'll QA and help you analyze the test as it's running and when it finishes.
  • We'll help you prepare the next idea by the time the first test is over.
Apply We reply to 100% of applications within a day :)

If You Choose To Continue

In Future Months You Can Expect:

Greater Testing Velocity

With 10 Hours Of Additional Prioritization, Concepting & Meetings

To see results, you'll need to increase the number of tests (with good probability of success) that you are running. In future months we'll guide you to run more quality tests.

  • We'll allocate out 10 hrs as needed for: concepting, prioritizing, analysis and discussion.
  • We'll give you advice on test setup and metrics.
  • We'll teach you when to stop tests optimally and analyze results.


With Goal & Target Tracking

The results you can expect are based on how many tests we run, how likely they are to succeed based on our prioritization, and the expected degree of impact. We'll assess these criteria together regularly. We will review your current performance and aim for realistic goals.

  • We'll set concrete, achievable goals.
  • We'll help you implement the right measurements.
  • We'll update you on your progress.
Apply We reply to 100% of applications within a day :)

If Your Dev Team Is Busy

We Can Setup The Test Quickly & Correctly For You

If you don't know where to start, want to have a test running faster, and make sure everything is tracking properly, we offer to setup tests at an hourly rate ($180/hr).

Actual Results From Real Mentorships Include:


Martin Wong learned to avoid hasty decision on thin data

Director or Marketing @ Examine, Toronto, Canada
Starting experience: less than 10 tests
In a fast moving startup environment where the mantra is to fail fast and to move quickly, Jakub and his mentorship process has taught us the value of patience. This patience has allowed our team to make smarter business decisions that have positively affected our internal processes and our bottom line. We are more efficient and more effective as a result of the mentorship. Jakub himself is very methodical, knowledgable, and honest in what he does. The mentorship is highly recommended.

Martin gained the following results:

  • +12% Sales
  • +14% Sales


Daniel Shapiro loved the real-time concepting to clarify ideas

Co-Founder @ Designlab, NY, USA
Starting experience: 5+ tests
Working with GoodUI has added tremendous value to our company. Jakub's knowledge and experience with A/B testing & conversion optimization is impressive, and the data-driven ideas he brings from his past case studies are indispensable. His recommendations have proven to be a low-cost, quick-win avenue for growing our online business. If you're not following the best practices from GoodUI, you're doing it wrong!

Daniel gained the following results:

  • +25% Leads
  • +21% Enrollment


Rob Draaijer liked the increased testing velocity

Chief Product Officer @ 3D Hubs, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Starting experience: 20+ tests
Using the GoodUI Mentorship we were able to run experiments based on proven patterns, resulting in a significantly higher significance rate for experiments. Furthermore Jakub helped us with increasing our testing velocity so we really got the most learnings out of our testing efforts. We are big fans!

Rob gained the following results:

  • +17% Leads
  • +4.1% Leads
  • +14% Leads


Rodrigo Maués learned to prioritize better testing ideas

Senior UX Designer @ VivaReal, São Paulo, Brazil
Starting experience: 5+ tests
Thanks to GoodUI Mentorship our company stepped up a level regarding A/B testing & conversion optimization. Jakub always bring great ideas tailored to your business which are either based on past case studies or fresh new ones. Thanks to his mentorship, I’ve learned about prioritization, how to design better tests and also how to analyze graphs and when to stop a test. I highly recommend his mentorship.

Rodrigo gained the following results:

  • +12% Leads
  • +6.2% Leads
  • +5.2% Leads

The Only Things You'll Need Are:

  • A/B testing tool like VWO or Optimizely
  • A CRO/Growth champion with influence
  • Your own dev team (or we can help)
  • Ready to start a test in the first week

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3900 / first month

1900 / next months

Your test results will be published on GoodUI. And you’ll need to test at least 1 pattern each month that we ask for.


We reply to all applications within a day :)

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3900 / next months

Your test results are for your eyes only. And we’ll only be focusing on what’s best for your business.


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Your test results will be published on GoodUI.
Each month, you'll also need to test at least 1 pattern that we ask for.
We'll focus on inspiring you to run and share comparable tests with minimum effort.


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