4 QA Checks Before Starting A Test

You can ruin a great idea before you ever hit Start. A typo in a URL, an overlooked parameter, and other little things can result in wasted time or unreliable data. Before you hit start, you should revisit every aspect of your test setup. If you're thorough and systematic, you can catch many mistakes and avoid repeating old ones. For one complex test, we spent 2 full days on QA.

In this 20 minute video, I'll step through the 4 steps of my test setup and QA process:

  • Checking the tracking
  • Checking the visual implementation
  • Checking audience and page targeting
  • Checking metrics

One tip I don't mention in the video is: Do your QA on a different day than when you set up the test. After a break, you'll be less likely to overlook important details.

What's your QA process? Share with us.