Don't Force The Free Plan For +25% Paid Signups, Like Learned

Sometimes a really good A/B test can be a very simple & effortless one. This was the case when we optimized's homepage for +25% more paid signups simply by changing a link.

We noticed that the homepage was forcing people to a free forever plan without providing any choice to those users who were ready to become customers from day 1. Instead, in our variation we changed the link to point to a pricing / plan page which contained both a free forever plan option, along with more prominent paid accounts (all of which were 14 day trials that asked for a credit card upfront).

When the test finished, we were able to detect a +25% increase to paid signups, with a drop in free forever signups. Not a bad trade off at all if you ask me. The test shows very clearly how a little extra friction can actually qualify better leads who are ready to become customers.

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