Find Your Site's Weak Points Using GA

Your site analytics can suggest easy ways to optimize your site. If you have one or more goals set up in Google Analytics, this allows you to compare how various parts of your site are performing. I'll show you 4 comparisons in GA I always start with. (We can also do this for your site if you'd like.)

Compare Desktop to Mobile

Lots of folks have been slow in optimizing the mobile experience on their site. If that's you, then an obvious thing to improve is mobile conversions. If the mobile segment is small, it's still worthwhile to estimate how much money it's leaking.

By checking the Mobile Overview report for one client, we actually saw the opposite: Mobile conversions are 80% higher than desktop:


A glance at the mobile and desktop versions of product pages revealed different button labels and a different screen flow after submitting. So in this case, a possible fix for desktop may be to borrow from mobile.

Compare Browsers

The Browser and OS report shows the conversion rate for your top browsers. On one client's site we noticed an 80% lower conversion rate for IE, even though it's their #2 browser:


You have your browser preference. Your developers have theirs. So, it's easy to overlook an important browser segment. Browse your site using that browser and keep your Console open for obvious errors. Fix all major visual deficiencies.

Compare Step Drop-Offs

Of all our clients, few set up a funnel in Google Analytics and some don't set up goals at all. If you set up a funnel, you can spot drop-offs with nifty charts like the Funnel Visualization:


Here we see that lots of people drop off at Step 3 of the funnel, whereas after and before the drop-off rate is low. We would now investigate why Step 3 is performing poorly and fix it.

The Funnel report "backfills" skipped steps. This creates a simplistic view of the funnel that's easier to digest. For a more detailed view, you should inspect the Goal Flow report. My favorite way for finding drop-offs between specific pages or events is to set up Custom Segments and define Sequences I'm interested in comparing. That works even if you have no funnel or goals set up.

Compare Performance of Landing Pages

The Landing Page report shows which landing pages might be working best for you. A feature of this report I like is ability to choose a "Goal Set", which adds all the goals in that Goal Set to the report. You can then gauge drop offs between the goals:


In this sample report from an online training site, we see not only that the affiliate link generates 5X more initial Account Signups, but it then leads to a huge drop off in actual Enrollments. If we can explain both results, we might be able to apply that to the home page.

The Landing Page report allows you to see your goals in sequence, assuming the goals in your Goal Set are sequential. In contrast, the Goal Flow and Funnel Visualization reports show progression towards a specific goal in isolation (each goal is a separate funnel).


These 4 simple reports are an easy place to start if you're just starting to dig into your analytics. What reports have you tried in the past that revealed an opportunity? Share with us.

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