Our highly exploratory and untested UI ideas to inspire your a/b testing experiments. Try the untried.

Blueprints are ideas that are ripe for testing, and we invite you to do so. Being experimental in nature, they are waiting to be tried out in the form of an a/b test. Each idea focuses to raise a given metric such as more signups or purchases and contains a hypotheses to support that. Blueprints are here for you to stir your creativity and fuel your experiments. We're adding more each month as part of GoodUI Datastories, but be also sure to get your 10 Idea Starter Pack below ...

Blueprints Sample

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Please feel free to share, email and/or Tweet about this PDF or page with anyone you wish. This starter pack is free for all to use and get inspired from. Please forward this on to others who you think might benefit. Thanks.

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