Run Better Experiments With 1-On-1 Coaching Calls

Winning tests take time. To speed up the process I offer coaching to experimentation teams in the form of two calls per month. In this way, teams gain access to 344 experiments that make successful replications a lot easier. And in return we make GoodUI better as we share test results. Over the years we have accumulated highly predictive experiments from such companies as Microsoft, Reverb, Yummly, Thomasnet, Volders, Backstage, etc. If you apply and qualify, you can expect tap into this data to run better experiments while discussing any of the following:

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Twice Each Month I'll Guide You On:

  • What To Test

    You'll receive top testing ideas based on what succeeded for other companies.

  • What To Measure

    You'll receive feedback and advice on how to structure and design your experiments.

  • How To Analyze The Results

    We'll look over your finished experiments to help you make the best decisions.

What You'll Need To Qualify:

  • Build & Run At Least One Test / Month

    You need to be able to build out and start at least 1 experiment per month. This implies you'll need to have existing experience in setting up a/b tests, a testing tool, and development resources.

  • Good Enough Traffic

    You need to have at least 50,000+ unique visitors and ideally 2000+ transactions per month to be able to detect the effects.

  • Sharing Experiments (Two To Start)

    Since we don't charge any fees for this, you'll be sharing test data with us. To start we'll ask for 2 experiments you already ran in the past. With your help we'll also be correcting GoodUI to improve its predictive accuracy.

Actual Results From Our Coaching Include:


Martin Wong learned to avoid hasty decision on thin data

Director or Marketing @ Examine, Toronto, Canada
Starting experience: less than 10 tests
In a fast moving startup environment where the mantra is to fail fast and to move quickly, Jakub and his mentorship process has taught us the value of patience. This patience has allowed our team to make smarter business decisions that have positively affected our internal processes and our bottom line. We are more efficient and more effective as a result of the mentorship. Jakub himself is very methodical, knowledgable, and honest in what he does. The mentorship is highly recommended.

Martin gained the following results:

  • +12% Sales
  • +14% Sales


Daniel Shapiro loved the real-time concepting to clarify ideas

Co-Founder @ Designlab, NY, USA
Starting experience: 5+ tests
Working with GoodUI has added tremendous value to our company. Jakub's knowledge and experience with A/B testing & conversion optimization is impressive, and the data-driven ideas he brings from his past case studies are indispensable. His recommendations have proven to be a low-cost, quick-win avenue for growing our online business. If you're not following the best practices from GoodUI, you're doing it wrong!

Daniel gained the following results:

  • +25% Leads
  • +21% Enrollment


Rob Draaijer liked the increased testing velocity

Chief Product Officer @ 3D Hubs, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Starting experience: 20+ tests
Using the GoodUI Mentorship we were able to run experiments based on proven patterns, resulting in a significantly higher significance rate for experiments. Furthermore Jakub helped us with increasing our testing velocity so we really got the most learnings out of our testing efforts. We are big fans!

Rob gained the following results:

  • +17% Leads
  • +4.1% Leads
  • +14% Leads


Rodrigo Maués learned to prioritize better testing ideas

Senior UX Designer @ VivaReal, São Paulo, Brazil
Starting experience: 5+ tests
Thanks to GoodUI Mentorship our company stepped up a level regarding A/B testing & conversion optimization. Jakub always bring great ideas tailored to your business which are either based on past case studies or fresh new ones. Thanks to his mentorship, I’ve learned about prioritization, how to design better tests and also how to analyze graphs and when to stop a test. I highly recommend his mentorship.

Rodrigo gained the following results:

  • +12% Leads
  • +6.2% Leads
  • +5.2% Leads

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Apply To Get Winning Test Ideas

We reply to 100% of applications within a day :)