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Sample Patterns You'll Receive Backed By Real Tests
We look at A/B tests to find UI patterns that you can use on your own projects to increase conversions. The patterns are similar to the initial 75 GoodUI with one key difference - these Datastories patterns emerge from real tests with real data to back them up. Here are a few to give you a sense of what to expect:

Each Pattern Inspires Your Optimization & Design Work
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Optimization Work Is Expensive. Lower Your Costs.
Use Datastories To Lower Your Optimization Costs By Combining Our Tests With Yours
A typical optimization project which we run for our clients, may cost anywhere from thousands of dollars well into five digits. These costs cover the large amounts of analysis, design, development, maintenance and testing work that is needed on each project. Many tests also fail or turn insignificant and have to be iterated upon. When we share our test results, that's at a fraction of what clients pay. You can cut your optimization costs (and time) by gaining access to the quality tests we report on. And we're really glad to offer this to you.

Subscribers Get Access To Premium Evidence+ Tests
All Active Subscribers Gain Access To Additional Premium Tests That Are Added Regularly
Premium Evidence+ Tests are better, stronger, with more defined effects. We have just started to add these in July of 2016, and will be adding more of these types of tests for you to learn from. These quality tests may report on multiple metrics for a more complete picture and are reserved for Datastories members exclusively.

Some Of Our 710+ Happy Readers That Use Datastories For Inspiration & Higher Conversions
They've been great, and helped us improve our testing processes. We typically store them up for a couple months, then go through them when we are looking for inspiration on a new test to try. ” - Chris Carr, CTO, InvestorCarrot
I was very curious how GoodUI Datastories would be. After receiving the first issue I can say that it’s a great piece of professional work. I was feeling like sitting right next to Jakub and Vlad while they prepared and ran the tests. It’s a great thing to have everything provided in such detail. Imagine as if you actually ran these tests but it took you just a reading moment and not 3 months. Great isn’t it? ” - Robert Rafiński, Project Manager,
I really appreciate your guys' work and attention to detail. Not just on the account, but the Datastories. Really great work; it saves me a ton of time in making decisions for my SEMs on split testing. We're in a high growth mode at the moment, so Datastories is just what I needed to save me time in directing my team. ” - Thom Hutter, Director, Insight Marketing Solutions
So far to be honest, I was expecting more than 1 lesson per data story. However I know how much effort and time probably goes into making it great. It was nice to receive the next one right away though. Overall they are great quality and I'm learning. ” - Kris Kayyal, Marketer,
GoodUI is my gold standard for best practices in design. I use their research-driven insights to impress my very best clients. Most clients are impressed when I can show scientifically how their site is going to convert more. It helped me land deals and build trust with my clients. Thank you for creating this amazing resource! ” - David Petersen, Senior Design Consultant, Happy Fox Media


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