Pattern #47: Benefit-Lead Labels

Pattern Author: Andrew Chak - Head Of Design @ Wattpad

Experimental Pattern

Based on imagination. But just how long until someone tests it? :)

Benefit-Lead Labels
  1. Add: Benefit Labels Before Product Names Benefits

    This is a simple pattern which suggests to precede any product names with a benefit statement. How will a product name help your customer? What will the product make faster, better or more cost effective? The product name is still important and therefore also shown right after the benefit.

Median Effects



Ex: Any Action / Visit



Ex: Signups, Leads



Ex: Transactions, Upsells






Ex: Return Visits



Ex: Social Shares

For each pattern, we measure three key data points derived from related tests:

REPEATABILITY - this is a measure of how often a given pattern has generated a positive or negative effect. The higher this number, the more likely the pattern will continue to repeat.

SHALLOW MEDIAN - this is a median effect measured with low intent actions such as initiating the first step of a lengthier process

DEEP MEDIAN - this is derived from the highest intent metrics that we have for a given test such as fully completed signups or sales.