Design A Better Home & Landing Screen
inspired by a +49% Leads Test from Designlab For Online Courses


Here is what’s included in the Home & Landing Screen template which can be used by Premium Members for:

2 Starting Inspirations

This template follows 2 successful A/B tests on Designlab's course page. The first experiment was a larger leap experiment described in a previous article. While the second followup experiment explored the idea of introducing a floating Enroll button. 

2 Expert Contributors

  • Jakub Linowski Founder @ GoodUI
  • Daniel Shapiro Co-Founder @ Designlab


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Use This Template To Design Better When...

Use Case #1 Designing A New Screen

One of the ways you can use this template is when designing a new screen from scratch. Simply download the Figma file and edit it as necessary to speed up your wireframing.

Use Case #2 Designing An A/B Test

You can also use this template when designing an experiment. To help you design better A/B tests in Figma, we are currently working on an A/B Testing Canvas in Figma (To be released soon).

Use Case #3 Reviewing An Existing Screen With Evidence-Based Checks

You can also use this template to review an existing screen with the provided annotations labeled as "Checks". Do to so, add your own notes and then hand-off to a designer.