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Test #531 on Aboalarm.de by Katharina Lay   May 03, 2024 Desktop Mobile

Katharina Lay Tested Pattern #128: Standard Or Superscript Price Format In Test #531 On Aboalarm.de

In this experiment, the font of the euro cents amount was made smaller. Additional copy was also added underneath the price reinforcing that tax was already included in the price. Impact on transactions was measured.

Test #519 on Volders.de by Katharina Lay   Feb 23, 2024 Desktop Mobile

Katharina Lay Tested Pattern #134: Optional or Confident Recommendation In Test #519 On Volders.de

In this experiment, copy around an upsell was changed from using "optional" to "our recommendation for you". The idea was to recommend two upsells with more confidence. Impact on the two upsells (secure, and express) as well as overall transactions was measured.