3 Tests By Marika Francisco

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Test #421 on Amazon.com by Marika Francisco   Jul 15, 2022 Desktop Mobile

Marika Francisco Tested Pattern #43: Long Titles In Test #421 On Amazon.com

Fluke is an industrial manufacterer of measurement and calibration devices and they ran a test on their Amazon store for a series of their prodcts. Instead of using short product names, they tested longer and more descriptive ones. Impact was measured on sales.

Test #372 on Fluke.com by Marika Francisco   Aug 30, 2021 Desktop

Marika Francisco Tested Pattern #122: Zigzag Layout In Test #372 On Fluke.com

In this experiment, product descriptions were changed to an alternating zig zag layout with images. Impact on adds-to-cart and sales was measured.

Test #348 on Flukenetworks.com by Marika Francisco   Apr 22, 2021 Desktop

Marika Francisco Tested Pattern #97: Bigger Form Fields In Test #348 On Flukenetworks.com

In this simple experiment, the size of the "Get Quote" button in the top navigation was increased.