Pattern #45: Benefit Bar

Pattern Author: Viljo Vabrit - Managing Director @ ConversionXL Agency

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Benefit Bar

Pattern Properties

  1. Add: Above The Fold Bar Attention Grabs

    The idea is to start off by showing a full width bar that is visible above the fold.

  2. Add: Benefits Benefits

    The bar container is then populated with 2-4 benefits or reassurances. These are answers to commonly asked customer questions or pain points. These may refer to concerns about shipping, delivery, ratings or any active bonuses. (Viljo highly recommends to use qualitative research to uncover these from real customers).

  3. Add: Specific Descriptions

    Last but not least, an element of specifity is added with short but detailed descriptions for each of the benefits. Ex: if free shipping is offered, it's important to clarify under which conditions this becomes true.

Pattern #45: Benefit Bar
Was Tested On by Michael Bernstein

  • Test 151
  • Tested on by Michael Bernstein
  • Feb 08, 2018

Was Tested Here With 1,614 Visitors

Screen: Checkout

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  • Tested on by Nathon Raine
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Was Tested Here With 120,700 Visitors

Screen: Home & Landing

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