Walmart's 2nd Take On Its Navigation Seems To Have Worked This Time

Leak #107 from   |   May 17, 2024 Product

Walmart hasn't given up on its previously rejected navigation a/b test. In March of this year I noticed a very similar follow up experiment with at least 1 key difference - the "Reorder My Items" menu wasn't changed but kept in its original position. As of today, it seems like the variation has been rolled out - hinting the previous November 2023 change might have brought this whole experiment down. Here I suspect that repeat purchases might have previously failed down but were now corrected in this latest iteration. 

A - Mar 6, 2024 Screenshot
IMPLEMENTED Confirmed May 17, 2024
B - Mar 6, 2024 Screenshot

Highlighted UI Changes From This Leak

  1. Reorder My Items Is Back

    I'll remind that this experiment had a few previously covered changes as compared with the November 2023 version of this experiment. One key difference between this variation and the older 2023 one was that in this experiment the "Reorder My Items" was no longer changed.

  2. A Larger Search Bar

    The search bar size also increased, but was not as large as the previous 2023 experiment.

  3. How Do You Want Your Items?

    Interestingly, this emphasized shipping preference made it through in this variation - however the icon was now also kept (whereas in the 2023 experiment it was removed).

  4. Department & Services Dropdown

    The Department and Services drop down were also potentially emphasized by being shifted to the right with increased contrast and font size.