Pattern #65: Add More For Free Shipping

Pattern Author: Jakub Linowski - Founder @ GoodUI

Experimental Pattern

Without any backing test results - for now at least.

Add More For Free Shipping
  1. Free Shipping Calculation Explaining

    The pattern shows a calculated amount of how much more a customer should add into their cart in order to qualify for free shipping.

For each pattern, we measure three key data points derived from related tests:

REPEATABILITY - this is a measure of how often a given pattern has generated a positive or negative effect. The higher this number, the more likely the pattern will continue to repeat.

SHALLOW MEDIAN - this is a median effect measured with low intent actions such as initiating the first step of a lengthier process

DEEP MEDIAN - this is derived from the highest intent metrics that we have for a given test such as fully completed signups or sales.