Pattern #94: Visible Search

Pattern Author: Kimberly Cheung - Product Manager at Yummly

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Visible Search
  1. Visible Search Exposing Options

    This pattern suggests to make search more visible and available to a wider audience. The intent is to allow users to express and obtain higher relevancy results quicker.

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Test #218 Tested on by Kimberly Cheung Kimberly Jan 14, 2019

Find Out How It Performed With 20,122 Visitors

Home & Landing Desktop, Mobile

  • Measured by successful signups   |   p-val (?)

Hypothesis: Anonymous users can't use global search while on the home promo page. We believe that if we show a global search bar to anonymous users, it presents a higher converting funnel (guided search) and will increase our sign-up rates significantly.

Control (A): Logged out users don't see global search bar.

Variant (B): Logged out users see global search bar. After searching for a keyword, the signup funnel starts with a more personalized reason to continue the signup process.

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