2 Tests By Gleb Hodorovskiy

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Test #384 on Mariemur.com by Gleb Hodorovskiy   Nov 17, 2021 Mobile

Gleb Hodorovskiy Tested Pattern #103: Money Back Guarantee In Test #384 On Mariemur.com

In this experiment from Conversionrate.store, a 14 day money back guarantee was added to a shopping cart of a lingerie online store. Secondary text further elaborated this with the following copy "Free returns if size doesn’t match". Impact on transactions was measured.

Test #358 on Preply.com by Gleb Hodorovskiy   Jun 03, 2021 Desktop

Gleb Hodorovskiy Tested Pattern #58: Full Height False Bottom In Test #358 On Preply.com

In this experiment, the header section of the homepage drastically focused around the call to action. This was done by removing elements and forcing a false bottom.