+20% Sale Starts From Gradual Reassurance

Recently, we managed to overtake a homepage in terms of Sale Starts & New Customer Sales by replacing its use of video with what we called a Gradual Reassurance. This is an exciting new pattern which merges together the ideas of Gradual Engagement and Reassuring.

After running numerous tests on wpallimport.com for 5 months, we finally found a very strong effect from the change. Reassuring gradually showed an increase of 20% to sale starts (visits to next page), with a possible +12% follow through into First Time Sales (visits to post-purchase page for new customers).

Does this mean that video is to be avoided?

No, we would not go that far. However, in this case, the more passive video wasn't as effective as a more engaging interaction which seemed to tailor the reassurance to a very specific need of the potential customer - and that's why we think our variation outperformed the control.

Get the full story in Issue #25 to learn everything we learned from this amazing test. It contains a total of 4 tests and 5 variations which explore the pattern in more detail (including variations with elements of social proof, different positioning and different video behaviors).

See The Full 5 Variations With 4 Key Findings In Issue #25