Reassuring For A Possible +17% To Sales

Here is another really interesting A/B test where six reassurances were used (among a handful of other changes) to drive paid account signups by a possible +17% right from a home page.

The test ran on - a service that enables people to have discussions around their online browsing habits. We decided to explore the idea of providing reassurance because of our own initial feeling and questions around privacy. Our hypothesis was that if we could communicate that the software "does not spy on people", but instead is a mechanism for meaningful conversations, then more potential customers would express interest. It turned out that this was possibly correct.

Get the full story in Issue #20 to learn everything we learned from this amazing test. The test ran for just over a month, with 4 variations in total. Other variations also explored interesting adjustments to the key variation, such as: hiding blog post references, progressive interactions, and more persistent calls to action.

See The Full 4 Variations With Complete Data In Issue #20