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6 Landing Page Changes For +30% Signups On Bomgar.com

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Bomgar.com, a leading remote access and support platform, recently ran a multiple change A/B test on one of their landing pages. Here are the changes which were tested with a nice positive outcome – some of which were inspired by our evidence-based patterns.

The Test
The A/B test results showing a 30% increase to signups (measured by next page visits)

The 6 Changes

Here are the 6 things that were changed (interpreted by me).

UI Details
The B variation with the 6 changes
  1. More Subtle Branding
    The first thing you might notice comparing A and B, is that the variant de-emphasized the logo. The Bomgar logo has been shrunk in size, and lost its strong contrast orange background strip.

  2. Centered Forms – Fastforward Pattern #13
    The input forms have been centered, gaining in additional attention. This is a powerful layout change which we have observed to perform numerously in past experiments.

  3. Fewer Form Fields – Fastforward Pattern #3
    Some of the form fields such as first name, last name and company were removed – a classic friction removal pattern.

  4. Button Label Change
    Instead of “Try Free”, the button was changed to “Create My Account”. Could “account creation” hold more value from a feeling of ownership than a trial?

  5. Clarifying Image
    An image was added showing two dekstop computers – possibly reinforcing the idea of access between one computer and another.

  6. Shifted Descriptions
    Finally, the 3 benefit descriptions were pushed further down on the page (as the form was centered).

Share Your Thoughts

Are there any other key reasons why you think the B variation outperformed the control? Please share your thoughts as a comment.

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Posted by Jakub Linowski on May 10, 2018

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Thank you for sharing, it is really inspiring and serves as arguments in order to offer much needed services to some clients.


I suppose white background and image are the biggest drivers of the conversion change.

Ivan Burmistrov

Very strange… IMHO the only factor that might improve conversion is (3) Fewer Form Fields…

Nitesh S

Thanks for posting this Jakub!

Did they test a fewer form fields as a variant on their old landing page? I’d love to know what all the other elements did for conversion vs that big change.


Great A/B test. Really shows how a good A/B test can produce some good data for change.

David Efdé

I like this test very much, thanks for sharing. But I have a little trouble with testing 6 actors in conversion optimization at the same time. Because it’s not clear what’s the effect of every individual actor is. For instance what happens if we eliminate 2 of the 6 actors?