Popup Explorations (PDF Template)

Prioritize A/B Tests

During the previous week, I grabbed up a large piece of paper and sketched out some popup attributes that came to mind. I was thinking of all the things that can be adjusted when designing a modal window and its behaviors or interactions. This week I refined this set into a PDF file (with references to patterns that we have data on). So the next time you design a popup, consider the following attributes that are available to you. Hope this helps.

Download Popup Explorations (PDF)


  • Ty Cahill

    Ty Cahill 5 years ago 11

    It looks like some of those popups (probably all of them) violate the Better Ads Standards and will be removed by Chrome's new ad filtering that started on 2/14/2018.


    • Jakub Linowski

      Jakub Linowski 5 years ago 21

      Hey Ty. Thanks for those links.

      I explored some of the criteria so that people think for themselves. There is so much to customize than those limited situations shown in the guidelines.

      Ex: Inline vs. Floating
      Or, enabling floating upon a condition (ex: reaching bottom).

      There could be many contexts and situations where channelling attention makes sense.

      • Ty Cahill

        Ty Cahill 5 years ago 11

        Yep... It will be interesting to see how the ad blocking actually works.