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BetterUI Challenge: InVision + Natural Language Forms = +7.6% Prediction

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I think Invisionapp.com, an amazing collaboration platform for designers, can do a better job in terms of collecting more signups on their long homepage. I’m openly challenging the very bottom of their homepage which contains a set of horizontally aligned form fields. I think that the form fields could apply the Natural Language Forms pattern organizing them as sentences. More so, based on 6 observed tests using this pattern (with 4 positive results), I can also make an approximate effect guess of +7.6% more signups. There, I made a public prediction! Now will InVision test this? I hope so, since there is still so much to learn.

InVision Should Test This Pattern With These 3 Key Changes

Here is what I would change if I were to apply the Natural Language Forms pattern to InVision’s homepage. The concept contains 3 key properties:

  1. Fields As First Person Narrative
    All form fields are weaved together into sentences using a first person narrative. The form labels and reasons for filling them out are all written from the reader’s perspective.

  2. Friendly & Informal Language
    The narrative starts with a friendly introduction and uses informal language throughout.

  3. Benefit Amplification
    Benefits should be mentioned and reminded of throughout the narrative. In this concept, we suggest to reuse the key benefits from the headline: “design better, faster, together” (with additional consistency of message).

Measuring Success

In order to gauge whether this pattern is successful or not I would setup the test as follows:

Outcomes & Updates

I really hope to influence InVision to test this concept and share the data with everyone in here so we can learn something about natural language forms. Here is what has happened so far:

Here Is Where You Come In

If you’d like to help and make this happen, nudge InVision a little to encourage some open experimentation. Here is a tweet link that you could use:

Tweet To InVision To Encourage Them To Test This

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Posted by Jakub Linowski on Apr 28, 2017

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David Morrison
David Morrison

Great test idea. This reminds me a bit of direct mail order form copywriting. I looked at the copy and wondered, since it’s at the bottom of the page and follows the credibility ‘bar’, if it could remind the viewer with a Why?/Because benefit reinforcement/reminder. This sample includes a pre-head, mini-headline and a restatement of the benefit in/on the CTA button. _____ Elevate Your Design Process. With Invision You: Prototype | Present | Revise | Succeed Be Better – Design Better, Faster, Together Hi, my name is [ ] and I want to design better, faster, together. Get me designing… Read more »


I feel a consistent narrative perspective is important. And I tend towards second person narrative throughout the sites I design. However this challenge brings to mind the concept of a “conversation” narrative with the narrative, when appropriate, as in this challenge, for example, changing from “your name” to “my name”. In that case I think it’s important to clarify the conversation narrative boundaries for the user, i.e., when I am talking (the site designer) and when you are talking (the site user). So here the thought comes to mind to present the subscription form in the form of a template… Read more »

Bill Lee

Wish a mobile goodui !