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Evidence #70: Least Or Most Expensive Plans First

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Thanks to Kuba Koziej from for sharing Evidence Test #70. This simple experiment reorganized three plans on a pricing page from least to most expensive first.

What Can We Learn From This Test?

The variation showed a possible +14% increase to premium (most expensive plan) sales while suffering from a slight -1.1% decrease in overall sales. There was a net revenue gain from this change. Two causes for this might include:

Posted by Jakub Linowski on Jan 2, 2017

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6 Comments on "Evidence #70: Least Or Most Expensive Plans First"

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Tracy Godding

Was this tested purely on desktop? Interesting to see if it’s a responsive site how it performed on mobile devices with a (presumably) stacked layout.

Remko Smid

I agree, this would be interesting. The vertical order on mobile brings in a new dynamic and would make for an interesting test.