Evidence #72: Passive Benefits

Once again, thanks to Daniel Bridges from findsomeone.co.nz for sharing Evidence Test #72. This follow up test on New Zealand's dating site contains a number of changes which led to an increase in signups. The key change is the communication of a passive benefit that other people will do the work for you.

What Can We Learn From This Test?

The homepage variation ended with a +20% increase to signup intent (measured with visits to step 2 of the signup process). Here are some reason why it might have worked:

  • Passive Benefit

    A central message has been introduced of "Have Others Find You" which is an alternative to the act of actively searching for dates. This message contains a passive benefit of signing up - placing the effort on others instead of the person signing up.

  • Positive Message

    A subtle positive sub-headline has also been added which reads "Because You're Awesome". This is a simple confidence booster or reassurance.

  • Focused One Column Message

    Instead of showing 4 equal weighted content boxes related to signing up, the full message was unified into a single column unit.

  • Removal Of Stepped Process

    The control also had a signup ("Join for free") call to action led by an explanation of a 3 step process. The variation moved away from explaining the signup process towards highlighting a key benefit.

  • Bulleted Features Or Benefits

    Finally, the list of features or benefits were listed in the variation as tertiary information as bullets right under the call to action.

  • Any Other Explanations? Share Your Comments Below