Evidence #73: List Of Benefits

Thanks to Henry Dillon from theorytestpro.co.uk for sharing Evidence Test #73. In the test, we reorganized a paragraph of text into a bullet style which led to a possible increase in leads.

What Can We Learn From This Test?

The dashboard variation resulted with a possible +26% increase to leads (measured with visits to a driving instructor page). Here are some reason why it might have worked:

  • Easier To Read Bulleted Benefits

    The paragraph containing multiple benefits merged together was presented as a list enabled easier scanning and readability. (This has been turned into a conversion pattern based on additional tests)

  • More Reassuring Statement

    Instead of using a commanding statement such as "Make Sure You Pass First Time", the same copy was rewritten as "Study Smarter To Pass First Time". This might have been a more reassuring benefit to be expected as a result of taking the action.

  • Lower Commitment Call To Action

    The button was renamed from "Drive with [Instructor Name]" to "Introduce Yourself" which might be less committal.

  • Any Other Explanations? Share Your Comments Below