FastForward Redesign Update: Blueprints

We are beginning to redesign the FastForward project as it has been way too quiet over the last year or so. Now, as we have more winning a/b tests to draw from, here is what you can expect from the Blueprint set - one of three sets which will directly surface winning a/b tests.

Blueprint Key Qualities

  • Will surface the relative improvement effect to a given metric
  • Will share absolute / sample size data from the winning test
  • Will include the changes which might have contributed to the effect
  • Available for Adobe Illustrator & Balsamiq
  • Aiming to release early May (or earlier)

Share Your Thoughts

Please share your comments if you have suggestions for improving these templates even further.

Pre-purchase Today And Save

PS. The complete FastForward template set is selling for only $79 right now. That master plan price point will increase to anywhere between $190 and $300 as more templates (and template sets) are appended. The FastForward Blueprint will probably be available for $89 or $99 on its own as a standalone (without any other future sets). If you decide to pre-purchase today, you'll save quite a bit in the long run while giving me steam to push forward.