Results: Natural Language Forms Or Aligned?

The poll results about Natural Language Forms are finally in from 230 responses - thank you. Over a week ago we asked whether you thought Natural Language Forms would convert better or not. In other words, should we organize our input fields using conversation language or top align them. Here is what we found.

We also promised to pick one random participant to receive 1 free issue of GoodUI Datastories where we crunch and compare various a/b tests. This time around, the winner is: Daniel Blyth from Australia.


Subjective Certainty About Which Is Better

From 230 responses there seems to be a slight +0.7 certainty that B may be better. Top-aligned fields are a well established strong UI pattern and this may be the reason why most have favored it.


How Do We Use This Certainty Scale?

We started measuring and quantifying how sure we (and you) are about UI changes such as these in order to better prioritize optimization ideas. Essentially, the higher the certainty count, the higher the likelihood that a similar test will also generate a similar effect. Higher certainty is better.

But What Do The Actual Tests Show?

What others think can be a great starting point. But why not also see what real tests show in addition to educated guesses? Surely UI designers, optimizers and marketers are a smart bunch, but evidence and test derived certainty can be combined together for an even greater benefit. See the full picture inside GoodUI Datastories which offers you:

  • See Evidence & Test Derived Certainty For This Change
  • Prioritize Your Optimization Efforts Based On Test Data
  • Make Smarter UI + Converison Decisions
  • Increase Your Chances Of Winning Tests
  • See What The Experts Have Guessed (those that ran 100+ A/B tests)

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