What Would You Like To Learn From Us About Data Driven Design?

We're going to be building an intro online course (most likely for designers) to get their feet wet with conversion rate optimization & data driven design. Here is your chance to let us know what would be interesting for you to learn about. Please ask your top questions you'd like us to focus on in the course.

What I Need You To Do

  • Share your top questions about using data and conversion rate optimization to improve your design work
  • Please also share your role or type of work you typically do, day to day :)
  • Vote on your own or other people's questions

Looking forward to learning what you'd like to learn about.


  • Alvaro Lourenço

    Alvaro Lourenço 8 years ago 00

    Whats the real value of animated transitions?
    Alvaro Lourenço - UX @ Samsung

  • Carolina Avila Coral

    Carolina Avila Coral 8 years ago 00

    Hi Jakub:

    Thanks for this opportunity to to steer where you're headed.
    I live in Bogotá (Colombia), and a I have the www.safetya.co website that offers a software for SafetYA (security and health in work) and consulting services.

    1. How to calculate P-Value and what does it mean
    2. How to implement a test A/B in my site
    3. How to prioritize the first test
    4. How to decide to change the metric, the time ofr test or other variable
    5. Differences between desktop and mobile data and conversion rate optimization


  • Andy Little

    Andy Little 8 years ago 20

    Hi Jakub,

    1) What top level data do you think is the most important to analyse first for CRO?
    2) What would be the next levels of data for more in depth analysis?
    3) What level of CRO would you advise for small, low budget businesses?

    I'm the owner of That Web Look, a small specialist studio dealing in web design, development and ongoing marketing and optimisation services.


  • Eugene

    Eugene 8 years ago 00

    I agree with Tasha's 2 and 3 points. Would be really cool to hear about that.

  • Mona

    Mona 8 years ago 10

    What are the best tools (free and paid) that you personally use for collecting data?

  • Marc O.

    Marc O. 8 years ago 20

    How to identify elements to test, how to calculate sample and significance values, how to convince clients to be realistic and patient...

  • Rene

    Rene 8 years ago 00

    An overview of tools for data-driven design if you cannot use Google Analytics.

  • Surjeet

    Surjeet 8 years ago 10

    1. How to gather data from different source
    2. The process for how to analyze quantitative & quantitative data, and documentation
    3. Analyze all findings
    4. the design process based on findings.

  • Upasana

    Upasana 8 years ago 00

    Is SPA a good idea for data driven application.

    • Jakub Linowski

      Jakub Linowski 8 years ago 00

      Hi Upasana. What's SPA? Can you clarify your question?

      • Rene

        Rene 8 years ago 00

        I assume Upasana is talking about single-page applications.

  • Yulia

    Yulia 8 years ago 00

    Would be nice to learn more about some efficient way how to translate what we pull from data-driven and analytics tools to developers team.

  • Tasha Miller

    Tasha Miller 8 years ago 90

    1) How do I implement a system for capturing this data (e.g., Google Analytics?)
    2) How do I read and interpret the data?
    3) How do I even know that the data I'm capturing is telling me anything useful?

  • gabriel

    gabriel 8 years ago 00

    Will be nice to talk about deliverys of data-driven, methods and how it impact on the perception of organization and products.

    • Jakub Linowski

      Jakub Linowski 8 years ago 00

      Gabriel, can you elaborate please?