Which UI Screens Should We Redesign?

I'm curious to try something a little different - getting you to share a URL or link to a screenshot of a page that could need a little conversion redesign love. Once some top screens appear here, I will then take the top one (or more) and react with a redesign. Hopefully this starts an interesting design conversation, and/or leads to interesting variations ...

What I Need You To Do

  • Share a link to a site or screenshot which you feel could be improved (the screen could be yours or some completely other/popular site's).
  • Please also share the goal, metric or task which you feel is key to that screen that should be improved (signups, sales, or completing some other task).
  • Vote on your own or other people's submissions and let's try to surface the most interesting ones to the top

Let's talk UI design and start with some screens that could benefit from our help.


  • Ilya

    Ilya 7 years ago 00

    Hi all!! I would like to redesign current page. The main goal of this page is to generate leads from the form on the top of the page. http://lexservices.co.uk/home/

  • Jie

    Jie 7 years ago 00

    Hi, this site is one of the most innovative for the Philippines but it can still be improved. What do you think?


    or perhaps this one?


  • Castus

    Castus 7 years ago 00

    Hello Jakub,
    This is the poor service page of my company website. It is a crucial page, where our customer should chose the services they are looking for, and add it in the basket. The url is http://www.firststop.fr/service
    Looking forward to see what you come up with :)

  • Marc O.

    Marc O. 7 years ago 30

    Shopping baskets, registration and navigation for responsive and mobile...

  • Surjeet

    Surjeet 7 years ago 00

    I am from New Delhi, India. I always try new UI redesign for corporate & shopping site to sharp my skills. Recently I have re-design a popular bank site with responsive look. I would like to see how you design this. I can share it if needed. www.hdfcbank.com

  • Antonio

    Antonio 7 years ago 00

    I would like help improving this one. I will be rolling an application soon that will have about 10 of these for other people to use.


  • Bryan

    Bryan 7 years ago 00


    Metric to improve: Sales

    This is my company but we will be doing a much needed redesign soon. Would love to see what you come up with!

  • Mia Lin

    Mia Lin 7 years ago 00

    I've completed a redesign for this page, but I'd like to see what you think: http://imgur.com/E7QEKFR

  • Frost

    Frost 7 years ago 00