Pattern #43: Long Ad Titles
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Pattern Author: Ronny Kohavi - General Manager, Analysis and Experimentation @ Microsoft

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Long Ad Titles

  1. 1. Replace Short Link Titles With Longer Ones

  • Test 133
  • Tested on   by Ron Kohavi
  • Dec 13, 2017

Maybe It Worked Here

Screen: Search Results


In 2012 a Microsoft employee working on Bing had an idea about changing the way the search engine displayed ad headlines. Developing it wouldn’t require much effort—just a few days of an engineer’s time—but it was one of hundreds of ideas proposed, and the program managers deemed it a low priority. So it languished for more than six months, until an engineer, who saw that the cost of writing the code for it would be small, launched a simple online controlled experiment—an A/B test—to assess its impact. Within hours the new headline variation was producing abnormally high revenue, triggering a “too good to be true” alert.

HBR, September–October 2017 Issue,

Note: This experiment was a solid success and replicated multiple times over a period of months. It worked at Bing and had a profound influence. The only reason why we atributed a 0.25 point (a "Maybe") was because we don't have the exact sample size and conversion data.


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