Reverb's UI Redesign Succeeds In This A/B Test

Leak #102 from   |   Dec 22, 2023 Product ran this site wide stylistic redesign experiment. It involved a number of rather "soft" UI changes involving button, font, and component styles. Fastforward two months and it now seems like it has been rolled out - suggesting that the variation did not hurt to say the least.

A - Oct 25, 2023 Screenshot
IMPLEMENTED Confirmed Dec 22, 2023
B - Oct 25, 2023 Screenshot

Highlighted UI Changes From This Leak

  1. Removed Borders

    In the variation we can see the removal of borders on multiple components throughout the page. For example, the borders on the first product photo was dropped as well as further components such as: About This Listing and Product Specs.

  2. Larger And Higher Product Titles

    Larger, bolder and more visible product titles.

  3. Larger Buttons

    Most of the buttons increases in size, padding and text size.

    This is very similar to Pattern #97: Bigger Form Fields

  4. Secondary Buttons Gained A Background Color Fill

    Secondary buttons throughout the page were essentially "ghost buttons". In the variation they gained a light grey background fill. 

    This is very similar to Pattern #77: Filled Or Ghost Buttons

  5. Shifted Customer Reviews

    This was a subtle change, but the customer review summaries were shifted a little further down in the buy box (still visible above the fold).

    This is very similar to Pattern #6: Customer Star Ratings

  6. Multiple Font Styling Changes

    Throughout the page we can also see numerous font changes probably aimed at improving legibility. Some of these include: a different font, larger font size, larger subheadings, heavier font-weights on subheadings, etc.

  7. Thumbnail Changes

    Last but not least, product thumbnails were also redesigned with rounded corners, light grey backgrounds and slightly smaller size - increasing their density (or visible thumnail to screen ratio). 

    This is very similar to Pattern #36: Fewer Or More Results