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UI Challenge: What Should We Change On Any Of These 3 Screens For More Signups?

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We are starting an exciting optimization project and need your ideas to achieve lift, together. We know that there is immense knowledge, wisdom and experience in each and every one of you, and if tapped into, will make for a greater impact. We are also super interested to see what kind of optimization ideas surface to the top that will move us a little outside the box. Join us in this experiment by sharing your ideas for improving the following 3 screens.

About The Optimization Challenge

A SaaS business with an online version of the pomodoro technique (time management technique with 25 minute task intervals) would like to optimize for more signups as their primary metric. Below are three consecutive screens which are part of the signup funnel. We’re looking for your ideas, which we’ll then test, and share the findings in a future blog post and Datastory issue. Authors will be given full credit for any winning ideas. Ready? Tell us how we can improve the following screens:

In More Detail, Here Is What We Need From You


The Homepage


The Pricing


The Signup


Share Your Ideas For Improving Signups + Vote On Other Ideas

Please share your ideas on how we can increase signups on any of the screens above. Just a reminder, please keep 1 comment to 1 idea. Let’s do this and leave your reply.

Update [Feb 9]: Here Is What We Will Test

A huge thanks for sharing all the amazing feedback! We took your ideas and came up with these concept variations which we will be testing. We’ll probably need a few weeks to get this built + 1 month to get it tested. Any final suggestions? Again, thanks so much for making this possible.

Follow The Results In A Future Datastory

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Posted by Jakub Linowski on Jan 15, 2016

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79 Comments on "UI Challenge: What Should We Change On Any Of These 3 Screens For More Signups?"

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A3: horribly long form, it should be just email and signup button; the confirmation email should have a link where user can choose password; maybe to move this whole signup form onto homepage? replace ‘start now-free’ with this mini form?

why is username required? isn’t email enough?

There is too much effort put on the graphics and the features but what about the benefits of Podomo What is Podomo exactly? How can i buy the product without understanding exactly why i should buy it. The testimonials should be clearly quantifiable. Is there a link to get the full story of what people did with the Podomo product. A bit like verified Amazon reviewers. Is there a possibility to add a competition comparative chart, showcasing what you guys do better than others. Could you add a video demonstrating the product and/or users demonstrating its use. There are too… Read more »

A2: are free pricing modles listed usually on the left?


It becomes boring to scroll so much on the Home page. Just say free signup on the first graphic and signup with email. You may add bullets that summarize the benefits, on the right while the girl is looking at the text.


How about trying something a little radical. On the homepage next to the start now – free button, add a text box for email. Make the button text ‘start now – free, just enter your email’. A user enters their email, clicks start now and this automatically creates a free plan for them, with a system generated password. (They get an email with the details.) On the website they are directed straight to the time management page, where they can get started using the system right away.


As a novice and not knowing what pomodoro technique is, the 3 lines that effectively explain what the tool is, are at the bottom of the homepage. Ie. After ‘Try it free for 30 days …’ All that is above this is well crafted marketing speak – which coupled with the odd-choice in top hero image – doesn’t really help me understand what the tool is. As I look for additional information, I wouldn’t expect to find FAQs at the bottom of the pricing page.

Joe Thoron

Idea #1: Remove the picture of the sullen high school student. Replace with something a bit more inspiring.

A2: Pricing causes confusion. The paid accounts have numbers like $xx.89 which makes the number look really big compared to the Free account, so looking at numbers alone I will definitely go for the Free account. On the other hand the highest price plan is highlighted, which seems to signify this is the recommended price plan. To help with decision making, I would: 1. Use whole numbers without decimals. $59 _looks_ smaller than $58.89. 2. Either highlight the free plan, so now the decision is obvious, or keep the highlight on the expensive plan but also include other indicators that… Read more »
Joe Thoron

Idea #2: Change the headline. The current headline is too focused on pomodoro and the benefit of finding more time for the stuff you love is distracting. Why not stay focused on the direct benefits of focused work?

Suggested headline and subhead: Are you ready for a productivity breakthrough? Focus Booster helps you get more done in less time.

Joe Thoron

Idea #3: Skip the pricing page. It’s not necessary. Plus it sends a confusing message about free trial vs free app. Obviously 20 sessions per month is not sufficient for real use, so why even offer it? Instead go straight to the signup page (that’s what the button promised, after all) and get people using the app as fast as possible with as few decisions as possible. Of course, the headline and subhead of the signup page need to echo the headline of the first page.

John Hurst

A1: show monthly pricing by default, not yearly. Smaller figures are more enticing!


A2: Headline
“Choose A Plan And Take Control”

Change to >> “Pick Your Price and Get Control of What You Need”


A3: Headline

Current – “Productivity Will Be Yours”

Change to >> “Increased Productivity is Here”

Payoff Sentence: “Sign Up For Your 30 Day………”

Change to >> “For a Limited Time – Take Advantage of Your 30 Day Free Trial……..”


I’d go with:

One Month Free
Limited Time Offer


And the second line shall be at most the half of the first one.

A2: Usually, it goes from free to the most expensive, from left to right. Sure, you might have something highlighted, for the ones with not enough experience to choose for themselves, but that’s not to say that it should be the most expensive one, necesarely. Also, the red doesen’t works with the blue. I’d have the blue prices’ titles and border as grey and the red as blue, and the highlighted be the one in the middle, with the free on the left and most expensive on the right. Also, I’d use the same system you use to choose between… Read more »
Justin Noel Cudaihl

GET YOUR LIFE BACK as headline. That will get my attention.


Homepage. increase size to at least double of both sign up buttons


Pricing by default should be on monthly still having same switch to annual on top.


A3 change button text to “START FREE TRIAL”

In the home page, rather than listing its features,they could have added a small demo of the product.Many people don’t know what a pomodoro technique is,so try convincing your product first. In the Pricing page, Free Plan – Individual plan – Professional plan.Displaying Monthly pricing initially would be better than Yearly. The testimonials should be short and conclusive. FAQ section solves every question but no point in displaying whole answers to all.Keep answers short and add “Read More” to each answers. In the Sign Up page, too long form. Add Google+ and facebook signups. **I didn’t knew if any of… Read more »
Adam Szabo

“In the home page, rather than listing its features,they could have added a small demo of the product.”

THIS. In the SaaS business, always show how the product works in a video. It’s easier to see the benefits this way.


A3: Also pertains to any screen with a sign up. When user clicks sign up from button on any screen, can a modal with just a sign up with Facebook -or- email address so it gets users locked in right away with little time or info taken. From the A3 screen have same as proposed modal, on this page, or eliminate this screen for initial sign up, but convert this screen to if a user wants to give more info and be more invested.


For A1: This applies to all nav, but maybe make color of nav items a light black and have the sign up ghost button that color to help it stand out.


Give a toast message for signup button,


In the pricing page, Individual and Starter plans have the same colors and on first glance, it looks like it was duplicated by mistake. They should be differentiated.
The sign up form is too long. There is no need of a username or the “are you familiar with” dropdown? That data could be collected at another point.


A3: The text mentioning the 30 day trial ….is too long for a quick sign up (anything more than a single line is long)
This text appears twice in the same screen.


Add short horizontal Get Started form on homepage before start trial block.


A3: Instead of a typical form… We could have a more casual sign up.
Ex: My parents named me____. (watermark : full name)
I wouldn’t want to disclose my name, so let’s call me ______(username)
And so on…


A3: The user should be allowed to directly sign up using Gmail/Facebook or other such social platforms. Which would then, just require only for the drop down


A3: if the drop-down has just two values might as well have two buttons (of alternatives) doing the function of a radio button


Headline- Simple and effective time tracking technique for you.
‘technique time tracking’ is a mouthful.


A3: have the bottom most text appearing in an overlay on click of an oversized “conditions applied” text…
The overlay can have a header saying… The only conditions applied…. Or something more witty


The nav buttons and Start Now button stand out equally right now. Start now should have more contrast and nav buttons should take a back seat with dark grey color.


Remove Twitter and Google+ links below the form and all the other links in the footer for a lesser bounce rate.


Reduce the font size of the prices and increase that of benefits and move the action buttons (start free trial) below the benefits.


move ‘Featured in some of your favorites’ section right below the pricing.


A1: The contrast is quite bad for all the text on the images, especially at the hero image and the 3rd and 5th from the top (Farewell timesheets, Get your life back). Also the contrast of the navigation at the top could be better. Use darker colors, use dark overlays where the text ist, something like that.


A2: Usually, the purpose of 30 day trial is attracting user to keep use and then paid after 30 days. But this page shows free mode’s function seems less than the other plan. So i confuse these options.

Michael K

– Change the order to Starter, Individual, Professional
– Remove the yearly pricing option and change to only monthly price instead (e.g. $2.99/m for Individual)


A1: Let take “Start now – free” button place at center of frame and can make it blinking>> It will attract user


A2: We should make a bold at Free ticket, because even when user sees free trial from your site, they will consider the price, let user use your site free, after that if they see it work well, they will promotion it.


A1: My idea is to make the user more curious about Podomoro. For that:
– Change the image by a more engaging one with a smiling character doing an activity (sport for example) and a chat bubble explaining why the user should register. Something like “Thanks to Podomoro I was able to better organize myself and now sport is back in my day to day life”.
– Update the button label to reflect the user’s will. Something like “Find your own way to save time”
– Remove the pricing information ($2.99 …) on the homepage. Wait for the registration before talking about money.

A2: I would like to agree with ReTox, the free option shold be featured on the left. I think that we, people using latin characters, process text from the left, so having the most expensive option is not the best idea. It might scare people. Also, having option for recurrent billing happening once a month with an option to cancel any time would also be much smarter. 2.99 a month sounds so much more affordable than shelling out 32.89 in one go. The total sounds too expensive, especially if your demographic are students and even regular people. 2.99 a month… Read more »

A3: Similarly to my comment to A2, just leave out the question “Are you familiar with the pomodoro technique?” If the client got so far as to sign up, they probably have an idea of what it is Plus, you can always ask them later. For example, once they’ve signed up, you can ask them if they’d like to receive beginners’ kind of emails to familiarize themselves with the technique and refine their knowledge.

A1: The first picture of the blonde with the notebook has been bothering me ever since I saw it. Now I know why. You are sending mixed messages. Your picture does not correspond with what you say. You don’t want to say that something is simple and effective and have a person who is clearly pissed/confused right next to your message. I get that you want your message to be that if you just can’t seem to manage your time, try this simple and effective technique called pomodoro. But the way you present it just does not work. Either rework/extend… Read more »

A1: I would change The CTA Buttons colors and put >> to make it more visible to the users
A3: needs to cut the number of required fields


AI: Test the headline, you’re assuming people know about Pomodoro technique; another test you can do for A1 is that you can bundle the features in one side, and focus on sign up boxes on top and bottom, makes a simpler landing page; A2: test if you can add some character to pricing such as amateur/newbie for starter, hustler for individual, and victor for professional (just suggestions); A3: usually email and password are usual path for easy onboarding, try to test that, and put the sign up button to the center

Byron Hathaway
The lady on the homepage looks as if she doesn’t believe the claim (which is unclear if you don’t know what pomodoro is anyway). She also looks composed rather than burdened with time management problems and that is the crux of the problem with the very first takeaway when one comes to the home page. Is time tracking valuable for most people or is it a tool for managers to use so they can effect more efficiency from workers? If the product is for the average user, maybe calling the app “time management” might resonate more with the average visitor..

1) Eliminate “Username” and “Are you familiar …” questions. They are unnecessary and would shorten the form. Email address can be used instead of “Username”.
2) Add a password confirmation of some sort. The last thing you want is for someone to mis-type their password and then have to go through a frustrating password reset process their first time in.
3) Where’s the opt-in/opt-out language?

Does that count as one idea, or three? 🙂


A2: Not a fan of having a control double as a header. When you toggle between yearly/monthly pricing, a redundant, prominent header clearly showing which you’re looking at, just below the toggle but above the three columns, would be appreciated.

Mario Lurig

A1/A3: CTA text change to: Save Time
(This replaces ‘Start Now – Free’ and ‘Sign Up’)
CTA should reinforce messaging


A3: email and password only. The rest of the information can be gathered later. Drop username entirely or make it optional.

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