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UI Challenge: What Should We Change On Any Of These 3 Screens For More Signups?

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We are starting an exciting optimization project and need your ideas to achieve lift, together. We know that there is immense knowledge, wisdom and experience in each and every one of you, and if tapped into, will make for a greater impact. We are also super interested to see what kind of optimization ideas surface to the top that will move us a little outside the box. Join us in this experiment by sharing your ideas for improving the following 3 screens.

About The Optimization Challenge

A SaaS business with an online version of the pomodoro technique (time management technique with 25 minute task intervals) would like to optimize for more signups as their primary metric. Below are three consecutive screens which are part of the signup funnel. We’re looking for your ideas, which we’ll then test, and share the findings in a future blog post and Datastory issue. Authors will be given full credit for any winning ideas. Ready? Tell us how we can improve the following screens:

In More Detail, Here Is What We Need From You


The Homepage


The Pricing


The Signup


Share Your Ideas For Improving Signups + Vote On Other Ideas

Please share your ideas on how we can increase signups on any of the screens above. Just a reminder, please keep 1 comment to 1 idea. Let’s do this and leave your reply.

Update [Feb 9]: Here Is What We Will Test

A huge thanks for sharing all the amazing feedback! We took your ideas and came up with these concept variations which we will be testing. We’ll probably need a few weeks to get this built + 1 month to get it tested. Any final suggestions? Again, thanks so much for making this possible.

Follow The Results In A Future Datastory

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Posted by Jakub Linowski on Jan 15, 2016

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79 Comments on "UI Challenge: What Should We Change On Any Of These 3 Screens For More Signups?"

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A2: Remove Yearly/Monthly price toggle. Figure out how to show benefit of yearly subscription over monthly subscription without having to toggle. I had to use a calculator to confirm the yearly pricing was better, despite the “12 months for the price of 11” messaging.

Kevin Mamaqi

Reduce the front-page to ‘one slide’ and include customer reviews

Kevin Mamaqi

Remove the sign-up page, just a modal is enough.

Diane C

(1) All 3 pages –

(a) darkest jet black lettering against a white background and the whitest white lettering against black or deepest charcoal.

(b) salmon and turquoise colors do not suggest “work” For me, those colors suggest ice cream and cake, baloons and confetti at a child’s birthday garden party.

(c) one other color besides the three shades (black, white, charcoal) perhaps a blue, but a more grown-up blue like a robin’s egg or royal”ish” blue? or maybe a brilliant rich emerald green?

(d) fonts a couple sizes bigger

Diane C
2) Actually, a young lady such as the one on A1 could work very well if we can follow her progress (a) she is shown rather “in need of client’s product” on A1 (b) she is happier, less stressed, more productive (and probably dressed just a little bit more like a grown-up) three days after beginning to use the program (c) we see her actually working and not simply drinking coffee in front of laptop which looks like a break, (d) can client devise a contest? (I love this idea you guys had about a contest for us — and… Read more »
Diane C

(3) A2 says “we are here to help.” If client is not only just available to answer questions for prospective members but is also available to those who join, then they should emphasize that since it will help set client apart from what my extremely short study of this subject indicates is available without paying an arm and a leg.


Diane C

And finally,

(4) There are no shots of anyone actually deeply engrossed in work on the pages. There are some people who, when they put their head down to work, actually make one hungry to do the same. This website needs a photograph of that guy or gal.

p.s. i like the streamlined starkness of “Subud’s” suggestion.

Diane C
Re: All pages – could give us a bit more information without breaching any confidentiality agreements you have with your client? Questions: Is client the software designer or a customer (tenant) of software designer? Or is client the end user company of tenant (subtenant) who is offering the software to individuals? Does client have resources to do a few extra things such as, (for instance), changing brand colors (if those are brand colors)? —————————————————————- (5) New UI Suggestion: Don’t speak to all possible end users at once. Can Client market more specifically by speaking to men and women separately, for… Read more »
Rafael Rodrigues
A1: COPY IMPROVEMENT We help you avoid wasting time in every task you make. Recover your wasted time back with laser focus. Use Pomodoro Online anywhere to help you find more time to do what you love. • Become a more focused and productive so you can achiev all your goals • Recover your life with better Work-Life balance • No more Paper or Timesheets • Build up Better Work Habits CALL TO ACTION: [ I Want to Start Becoming More Productive Now – Free ] We use a PROVEN Productivity Technique Known as Pomodoro – Time Management (R) 93K+… Read more »
Rafael Rodrigues


How many hours/week you work in average?
[ you awnser ]

How many types of activities are you involved with? ( Coding, Cooking, Dog Walking etc.)
[ you awnser ]

CALL TO ACTION: [ Find the best plan for Me ] or [ Free Starter Plan, please ]
Subscriptions start at just $2.99 per month.

Rafael Rodrigues


Tell them what is the Best “Cost X Benefit” plan.

Rafael Rodrigues


Pick one of your real tasks and try us now

Rafael Rodrigues


Ask only for: Name and E-mail.

Configure the other things later.

Rafael Rodrigues


Satisfaction Garanteed or all your money back. No questions asked.

Rafael Rodrigues


Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and Obama and Elon Musk

Rafael Rodrigues


Use a Photo of someone enjoying free time granted for using
pomodore service. Insted of a sad girl.

“People buy improved versions of themselves insted of features or problem solved by them.”


Put an e-mail box on the first page, near the Start Now – Free button. People tend to be discouraged when many steps are required to sign up.

Maybe make it visible/sticky while the user scrolls down. The pricing page should be accessible only if the user specifically clicks Pricing.


An unlimited trial period is more convincing. A label like “Start now, first month is on us”. After the trial is over, the user should be presented the pricing options.

Dave Nielsen
A1: Change approach from “SaaS based on Pomodoro” to “a successful individual sharing a tool he/she built for themself, which was vital to their success”. Reasoning: Anyone who understands what pomodoro is (and most will look it up before purchasing) is more likely to choose a free smartphone app or browser extension instead of subscribing to a service. The pomodoro functionality isn’t a strong selling point. If you sell the service with an owner-based testimonial — “I am successful because of this system, and if you use it you’ll be successful” — it’s more compelling. It also implies that the… Read more »

A2: I think it should change the order of the blocks (from left to right: the starter; individual, professional) and highlight of an individual, as an illustration of the golden mean in the selection.

Adam Preece

On Page 1 – Use a darker font on navigation, bringing not only the navigation bar but sign up button into a sharper focus, I think a dark navy blue would work here.
Page 2 – remove it, see below
On Page 3 – Implement social sign up, automatically setting them up with a free plan, show them pricing plan on first login


Is this challenge still ongoing?

DA Holman

The whole premise of this post is rather bold. Why would a UX (or design) professional solve a problem for free when the requesting party is being paid for the service?

Saw the video based on your email. Thank you for making great work! Here are a couple of variations for V1. ( I prefer v1 ) Something along the lines of the end game and how people see time from different points of view: * If, get your time back is: I wasted my time before, I can do better now, then: • Charge up your time (make my time do greater things )(goes well with booster?) • Your time, now in XXXL size (my time is now abundant) • Bulletproof vest for your time, or the safest place for… Read more »
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