Netflix Keeps Its Older Price Comparison Table And Rejects Their New Layout In This A/B Test

Leak #40 from   |   Jan 10, 2020 Pricing

Netflix has been experimenting with the layout of their pricing plans. Challenging the more traditional pricing comparison table, instead they a/b tested three self-contained pricing plan tiles. This newer version however ended up being rejected as we noticed.

IMPLEMENTED Confirmed Jan 10, 2020
A - Nov 25, 2019 Screenshot
B - Nov 25, 2019 Screenshot

Highlighted UI Changes From This Leak

  1. Pricing Comparison Table Vs Repeated Plan Properties

    In their control version (A) we can see a pricing plan layout with the core features listed once and then referenced under each plan. In the variation however (B), the same information and labels were re-organized and repeated into three self-contained tiles.

    One could argue that the A version makes comparison a little easier. This is even more evident in the mobile views where the A version had a floating plan selector that acted as a reference point. In other words, when users scroll on mobile, they would always see comparable information between all three plans (without needing to scroll up and down).

    Mobile View
    Mobile View

    -0.5 Repeatability has been assigned to Pattern #115: Pricing Comparison Table as evidence that it's getting worse

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  • Jakub Linowski

    Jakub Linowski 4 years ago 10

    I think you might be cookied in some older variation.

  • Vjeran

    Vjeran 4 years ago 00

    At the end they decided to go with Option B: