Pattern #16: Welcome Mat - Partial

Pattern Author: Jakub Linowski - Founder @ GoodUI - Inspired by

Based on 3 Tests, Members See How Likely This Pattern Will Win Or Lose And Its (?) Median Effect

Almost Certain Loser
Almost Certain Winner
Welcome Mat - Partial
  1. Add: Headline Benefits

    The pattern starts at the top of a landing page with a partial interstitial that precedes the main content. The content is seen below and is not covered up. At the top of the welcome mat is a clear headline.

  2. Add: Call To Action

    The headline is followed by either exposed form fields or a button leading to a form.

Median Effects



Ex: First Action



Ex: Leads, Quotes

(1 tests)



Ex: Trials

(2 tests)



Ex: Future Action



Ex: Transactions






Ex: Return Visits



Ex: Social Shares


Pattern #16: Welcome Mat - Partial
Was Tested On by Ardit Veliu

Test #350 Tested on Expertinstitute.... by Ardit Veliu Ardit Apr 29, 2021

Find Out How It Performed With 34,967 Visitors

Content Desktop
  • Measured by total quote leads submitted   |   p-val (?)

In this experiment, a lead generating section with a call to action (welcome mat) was appended at the top of article pages. Impact on lead generation was measured.

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Test #149 Tested on by Nicholas Evans Nicholas Feb 07, 2018

Find Out How It Performed With 726,088 Visitors

Product Desktop
  • Measured by successful form submits on next page   |   p-val (?)

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Test #76 Tested on by Jakub Linowski Jakub Feb 01, 2017

Find Out How It Performed With 11,330 Visitors

Home & Landing
  • Measured by successful email signups   |   p-val (?)

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For each pattern, we measure three key data points derived from related tests:

REPEATABILITY - this is a measure of how often a given pattern has generated a positive or negative effect. The higher this number, the more likely the pattern will continue to repeat.

SHALLOW MEDIAN - this is a median effect measured with low intent actions such as initiating the first step of a lengthier process

DEEP MEDIAN - this is derived from the highest intent metrics that we have for a given test such as fully completed signups or sales.