Pattern #80: Persitent Filters

Pattern Author: Vinicius Barros Peixoto - SEO & Growth Product Manager at VivaRealBrasil

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Persitent Filters
  1. Defaulted Filters Smart Defaults

    Filters are automatically applied from any searches or result adjustments performed on any screens. These user choices are then remembered and re-used across the site as the user continues the search.

  2. New Session Confirmation Recognition

    When users leave and come back (starting a new session), they are also recognized as having expressed some filter choices in the past.

  3. New Session Confirmation Choice

    At this point, upon return, users are provided a choice if they wish to apply their past filters.

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Test #196 Tested on by V. Barros Peixoto Vinicius Aug 14, 2018

Find Out How It Performed With 441,738 Visitors

Listing Mobile
  • Measured by lead form submits on property page   |   p-val (?)

The experiment goal was automatically applying filters the users have already done in our result page, during their navigation to the site. The variation always applied the filters in the same session and asked users on new sessions.

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