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Test #123 on by Rodolfo Lugli   Feb 11, 2022 Mobile Thank You

Rodolfo Lugli Tested Pattern #71: Personalized Next Step In Test #123 On

In this experiment, two app download buttons were tested against a single OS personalized one. In the control, both branded App Store and Google Play buttons were shown statitically. Whereas in the variation a single download (stylized consistently with site wide button styles) button was shown depending on the user's operating system. Imact on application download was measured.

Test #307 on by Michal Fiech   Jul 17, 2020 Desktop Thank You

Michal Fiech Tested Pattern #77: Filled Or Ghost Buttons In Test #307 On

This experiment measured a shallow click goal on a button that would encourage to repeated the action that was just completed (in this case a contract cancellation). In the control version (A) a thank-you screen shows a filled button style, and the variant (B) there was a ghost button. As a note, I also flipped the A-B in this experiment for the purpose of matching it to our ghost button pattern, which means that Volders in fact was starting  out with a ghost button to begin with. 

Test #201 on by Ben Labay   Sep 19, 2018 Desktop Mobile Thank You

Ben Labay Tested Pattern #7: Social Counts In Test #201

In this test the upsell modal had an added text box with number of people that day who took the offer. The test hypothesis was that social proof will add motivation to take an action and the offer.

Test #164 on by Martin Wong   Apr 04, 2018 Desktop Mobile Thank You

Martin Wong Tested Pattern #50: Autoplay Video In Test #164 On

In this test, the variation autoplayed the video (with sound). The thank you page offered a discount on a cross-sell product - The Supplement Goal Reference. The video first communicate a sincere thank you, followed by the product cross-sell.