Amazon A/B Tests And Rejects This Product Description Format

Leak #101 from   |   Dec 6, 2023 Product

Here is a little surprise from Amazon. A few years back, they a/b tested the addition of product details at the top of their product detail pages. Building on this, two months ago someone on their team tried to format these descriptions as inline or flowing text instead of relying on indent alignments (table-like formats). It now seems like the good old table-like and indented format has been kept.

A - Oct 5, 2023 Screenshot
REJECTED Confirmed Dec 6, 2023
B - Oct 5, 2023 Screenshot

Highlighted UI Changes From This Leak

  1. Inline or Flowing Copy

    Here we see the inline copy with both labels and actual text description flowing into each other. In the control however, they are indent aligned or table-like.

    As we don't have true visibility into this a/b test's effect, it could have been a wide range anywhere between a negative and/or insignificant / flat outcome.