Amazon A/B Tested This Bigger Price Style

Leak #75 from   |   Jan 11, 2022 Product

I managed to capture this exciting little big price styling experiment from Amazon before it wrapped up this week. What looks like a small change actually has a few interesting differences packed into a single variation which you can see below. The experiment ran on multiple product pages and now looks like the variation has been implemented - hinting at an improvement.

(We also have a collection of pricing patterns with actual test data.)

A - Jan 8, 2022 Screenshot
IMPLEMENTED Confirmed Jan 11, 2022
B - Jan 8, 2022 Screenshot

Highlighted UI Changes From This Leak

  1. Price Styling Changes

    Some of the changes and differences in the variation include:

    Larger price totals (the $9.99).

    Removed decimal point on the total price.

    Larger and preceding relative discount (33%).

    Greater color contrast between the relative discount amount (33%) in red and total amount ($9.99).

    Lowered strike through list price under the total.

    Removal of the total saving amount ($5.01).

    Removal of details link. I'm actually not sure where this linked to - possibly a small tool tip.

Did Etsy Just Inspire Amazon To Do This?

Perhaps it's a coincidence, but Etsy also ran a simple price styling experiment just two months ago. The Etsy experiment also ran on product pages and involved red vs black color styling changes, amongst a few other changes. Not exactly the same but also not very different either. :) Just thought to surface this as well.


  • hey

    hey 10 months ago 00

    maybe rollbacked? I checked today, and it shows the A.

    • Jakub

      Jakub 10 months ago 00

      You are right. Checking today it does look like this rolled back for some reason. I've also observed some products being price tested as well. Could be a retest. Could be an incorrect inference on my side. Interestingly, the Canadian site does have products with the new format though: Ex:

  • Ngaire

    Ngaire 1 year ago 00

    They also made the cent value (99) a smaller font size, presumably to put emphasis on the whole dollar value

  • Ivan

    Ivan 1 year ago 10

    I think the main factor that outweighted all other rather questionable changes is that they finally made the price black.

    • Jay

      Jay 1 year ago 00

      Feel like it could be more around the increased fontweight of the discount - highlights scarcity and the "bargain" factor, prompting more people to check-out.