Etsy's Product Quantity Options Receive A Confirmation From This A/B Test

Leak #61 from   |   Sep 10, 2020 Product

Etsy was noticed a/b testing a product quantity pulldown menu on some of their products. Customers were basically given the option to purchase more than one item. Some of you might also recall that a very similar experiment was successfully ran by Bol. And here a similar outcome can be seen with the quantity options now being visible on most products (possibly driven by rules based on segments, availability and settings).

A - Jun 11, 2020 Screenshot
IMPLEMENTED Confirmed Sep 10, 2020
B - Jun 11, 2020 Screenshot

Highlighted UI Changes From This Leak

  1. An Extra Product Quantity Choice

    In the B variation we can see an extra pulldown menu with options to add different product quantities to someone's cart.

  2. Lower Call To Action

    It's also apparent that the primary call to action (Add to basket) has shifted downwards.

    Given that having primary buttons a little higher has some supporting evidence it makes me wonder if Bol's approach (with the quantity option to the left of the button) is any better.