Etsy A/B Tests 3 Footer Variations With Their Story And Customer Support Links

Leak #105 from   |   Mar 26, 2024 Home & Landing

Etsy was noticed testing at least 3 different footer variations which lead customers to a help center page. The longest variation with the most number of paragraphs also showed Etsy's story and community values - which seems to have been rejected. While variation (C) with two very concise and expandable questions, seems to have been rolled out - perhaps somewhat similar to the Frequently Asked Questions pattern. 

A - Oct 18, 2023 Screenshot
B - Oct 18, 2023 Screenshot
IMPLEMENTED Confirmed Mar 26, 2024
C - Oct 18, 2023 Screenshot
D - Oct 18, 2023 Screenshot

Highlighted UI Changes From This Leak

  1. Lengthy What-Is-Etsy Footer

    Here we have a variation with at least five lengthy paragraphs about Etsy's story and community values. The variation also shows two expandable questions and a link to the Help Center with additional customer support options.

  2. Shorter / Expandable What-Is-Etsy Footer

    This variation condensed the footer to only two questions and the Help Center link.

  3. Three Column Paragraph Footer

    This variation highlighted three paragraphs laid out horizontally about Etsy's story and community values. This also linked to the Help Center.

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