Etsy A/B Tests Extra Product Collections

Leak #79 from   |   Apr 26, 2022 Product

Etsy just completed a simple product page experiment. At the bottom of most of their product pages extra products were appended in the form of visual collections. Consistently with other similar evidence from extra triggers, it now seems like the variation did well and was implemented. I guess Etsy still hasn't reached an optimum in terms of adding more products to product pages as they tested something similar a few years back. The experiment ran on both desktop and mobile. 

A - Apr 13, 2022 Screenshot
IMPLEMENTED Confirmed Apr 26, 2022
B - Apr 13, 2022 Screenshot

Highlighted UI Changes From This Leak

  1. Extra Collections

    Notice the additional product collections at the bottom of the screen. These would typically link to product detail pages and open up in a new tab. Interestingly, they already had other sets of products such as "you may also like", "more from this shop" as well as "popular searches". 

    Do note how each set is styled somewhat differently - perhaps adding some beneficial visual friction?

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