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Leak #107 from   |   May 17, 2024 Product

Walmart's 2nd Take On Its Navigation Seems To Have Worked This Time

Walmart hasn't given up on its previously rejected navigation a/b test. In March of this year I noticed a very similar follow up experiment with at least 1 key difference - the "Reorder My Items" menu wasn't changed but kept in its original position. View Leak

Leak #106 from   |   Apr 17, 2024 Global

Etsy A/B Tests This High Contrast Button Style

Etsy ran a little A/B test where they probably tried to encourage more searches with the help of a stronger visual cue in their search bar. Instead of using a  ghost-like icon only approach for the primary search, they stylized it as a high contrast button. Fast forward a few months and it now looks like the variation was implemented.  View Leak

Leak #103 from   |   Jan 24, 2024 Listing

Airbnb A/B Tests Hidden Vs Shown Price Totals

Months ago Airbnb ran this A/B test on their listing pages where they showed price totals for a given date range. This was one step beyond the already visible day rates (in the control). They also used default dates for the total calculation when someone didn't enter a date, or user specified dates when users expressed them. View Leak

Leak #102 from   |   Dec 22, 2023 Product

Reverb's UI Redesign Succeeds In This A/B Test ran this site wide stylistic redesign experiment. It involved a number of rather "soft" UI changes involving button, font, and component styles. Fastforward two months and it now seems like it has been rolled out - suggesting that the variation did not hurt to say the least. View Leak

Leak #101 from   |   Dec 6, 2023 Product

Amazon A/B Tests And Rejects This Product Description Format

Here is a little surprise from Amazon. A few years back, they a/b tested the addition of product details at the top of their product detail pages. Building on this, two months ago someone on their team tried to format these descriptions as inline or flowing text instead of relying on indent alignments (table-like formats). View Leak

Leak #100 from   |   Nov 9, 2023 Global

Walmart Ran This Big Navigation A/B Test With 8 Confounded UI Changes - Rejecting It

Walmart ran a larger redesign experiment of their navigation. If I observed correctly after triple checking, it was a leap variation with at least 8 changes grouped together. Unfortunately, as of this month it seems that the experiment has stopped with no sight of the variation - hinting at a rejection for whatever reason. In retrospect, I do have some ideas along with my personal and mixed bets on these UI changes. All in all, I suspect a possible confounding situation with some negative changes cancelling out the positive. View Leak

Leak #99 from Https://   |   Oct 25, 2023 Home & Landing

Booking A/B Tests A Highly Prominent Deals Page And Possibly Rejects It

Booking ran a very prominent header experiment on their homepage. In this experiment they directed more traffic towards a dedicated deals page. View Leak

Leak #98 from   |   Oct 16, 2023 Product

One Possible Reason Why Etsy's Floating Buy Box UI Was Rejected

Etsy recently ran an experiment were they floated their buy box on product detail pages. It's a pattern with a pretty good track record of delivering positive results across past experiments. But as many patterns, it doesn't always win. And in Etsy's case, two months after first detecting their experiment, it also seems that they might have rejected their variation - hinting at a superior control. View Leak

Leak #97 from   |   Sep 14, 2023 Home & Landing

Booking A/B Tests Rounded Corners On Multiple Elements

So this little big Booking experiment finally happened: sharp edges vs softer and rounded ones. View Leak

Leak #95 from   |   Jul 12, 2023 Listing

Booking A/B/C/D Tests And Detects A Better Calendar Widget

Booking has been testing at least 3 variations of their calendar widget - a key component that affects availability and prices of rooms. In a nutshell, the variations explored ways of letting users express more flexible date inputs in at least two ways: using day ranges and wider months. The concept looks very similar to what Airbnb has rolled out over a year ago. View Leak

Leak #94 from   |   Jun 9, 2023 Product

Amazon A/B Tests And Rejects Wider And Smaller Product Titles

Amazon has been noticed a/b testing their product titles styles with at least 3 variants. The first variation stretched the width of the product title. The second variation decreased the font size. While the third variations combined both changes together - possible checking for interaction effects. View Leak

Leak #93 from   |   May 16, 2023 Product

Walmart A/B Tests Shipping Choices Vs Shipping Reassurances

Walmart recently ran an a/b test on their product detail pages that showed shipping information in two different styles. On one hand (here shown as A) shipping options were shown as a button choice. Whereas in the variation, all shipping information was fully expanded and readable bullets. View Leak

Leak #92 from   |   Apr 12, 2023 Product

Amazon A/B Tests Wider Buy Boxes On Their Product Pages

Amazon was noticed A/B/C testing at least 2 wider buy box variations on multiple product detail pages. This was an interesting "intensity" experiment where the same hypothesis (related to layout column widths) was varied with 2 intensities. View Leak

Leak #91 from   |   Mar 1, 2023 Product

Etsy A/B Tests "In X Carts" Social Proof Message

Etsy has been a/b testing a simple and common social proof element on some of their product pages. They showed how many users have recently added an item in their shopping carts.  View Leak

Leak #90 from   |   Feb 21, 2023 Product

Etsy Discovers That Showing Price Ranges Might Be Inferior

Perhaps this little and rejected a/b test by Etsy might teach us something about price formatting. Sometime in August of 2022 I noticed that some of Etsy's product pages showed price ranges. In other words, prices were showing both low and high end prices for products with customizable options. View Leak

Leak #89 from   |   Jan 2, 2023 Product

Bol A/B Tests A Bigger Add-To-Cart Button That Is Rejected

After detecting some success with a more padded button, Bol continued their a/b test iteration. The Dutch online retailer ran an experiment with an even wider add-to-cart button on their product pages. View Leak

Leak #88 from   |   Oct 25, 2022 Product

Etsy Rejects Additional Customer Review Filters After This A/B Test

Etsy ran this a/b test where they showed additional customer review filters on selected product detail pages. The test was eventually rejected it seems. View Leak