Airbnb A/B Tests Hidden Vs Shown Price Totals

Leak #103 from   |   Jan 24, 2024 Listing

Months ago Airbnb ran this A/B test on their listing pages where they showed price totals for a given date range. This was one step beyond the already visible day rates (in the control). They also used default dates for the total calculation when someone didn't enter a date, or user specified dates when users expressed them. Checking up on this it now seems like the extra and visible price total has been implemented. This could be additional positive evidence in favor of the more visible prices pattern.

A - Mar 31, 2023 Screenshot
IMPLEMENTED Confirmed Jan 24, 2024
B - Mar 31, 2023 Screenshot

Highlighted UI Changes From This Leak

  1. Hidden Vs Shown Total Price

    Here we can see the additional price total information in the variation. The "nightly before taxes" has also been truncated to "night".

    As more months passed since this experiments was first detected, Airbnb may or may not have ran additional tests related to this. Today we can see that the price format has further evolved and was condensed onto a single line.

    0.5 Repeatability has been assigned to Pattern #114: Less Or More Visible Prices as evidence that it's getting better

    Repeatability is a net count of evidence for or against a pattern. It’s how we can predict which patterns are better than others. :)

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