Airbnb Added More Search Cues

Leak #1 from   |   Feb 14, 2019 Product

In this leak, three Airbnb property page screenshots with different time frames have been compared. Having done this, it became clear that at least one design decision was made near the bottom of the screen - further confirmed by the final screenshot.

A - Aug 11, 2018 Screenshot
B - Sep 24, 2018 Screenshot
IMPLEMENTED Confirmed Jan 2, 2019
C - Jan 2, 2019 Screenshot

Highlighted UI Changes From This Leak

  1. Additional Search Cues

    One key change in this leak was the introduction of the additional row of thumbnail images under the "Things to do near this home" category at the bottom of the footer. I'm speculating that these extra sets of "Airbnb experiences" may provide customers with additional reasons to book a property or possible another revenue stream. Although we're not sure if this was a/b tested or simply implemented as a business decision, this design decision still provides subtle evidence worthy of remembering.

    Thanks Airbnb. :)

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  • Ivan Burmistrov

    Ivan Burmistrov 5 years ago 10

    IMHO this example has nothing to do with “Mixed Search Cues”. This is exactly “Things to do near this home” and adding this section increases the value of concrete property. There is the general trend among hospitality websites to provide not only information about the accomodation facility itself but also information about its neighborhood / surroundings and activities / attractions available nearby.

    • Jakub

      Jakub 5 years ago 00

      I guess by Mixed Search Cues I meant a way to continue searching for other related products or experience - possibly in mixed ways. :) Might adjust it in the future if needed. Thanks for sharing.