Airbnb A/B Tests And Rejects A Natural Language Form

Leak #68 from   |   Apr 20, 2021 Home & Landing

Airbnb just completed an interesting experiment on their Become A Host landing page. They replaced a simple headline with a more dynamic natural language form that provided a sense of how much money someone could make from hosting their place. The variation applied a Natural Langauge Form with three form inputs that would then update the total dollar amount based on what was entered into the form fields. Unfortunatelly it looks like the tested variation was eventually rejected.

A - Mar 18, 2021 Screenshot
REJECTED Confirmed Apr 20, 2021
B - Mar 18, 2021 Screenshot

Highlighted UI Changes From This Leak

  1. The Natural Language Form

    The main difference is the replacement of the static headline with a more dynamic one. The three form inputs that were used to calculate the total amount included: the type of place, number of guests and location.

    -0.5 Repeatability has been assigned to Pattern #8: Natural Language Forms as evidence that it's getting worse

    Repeatability is a net count of evidence for or against a pattern. It’s how we can predict which patterns are better than others. :)

  2. Changed Background Image

    The experiment was somewhat confounded with an additional change of the background image. The control had a person, whereas the variation showed a house. 

  3. Pushed Down Content

    Finally, as a result of the slightly longer headline, form inputs and an explanation link, the height of the background image was increased. This of course pushed the rest of the content further down.

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