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Test #64 on by Jakub Linowski   Jan 01, 2017 Desktop Home & Landing

Jakub Linowski Tested Pattern #41: Sticky Call To Action In Test #64 On

In this experiment, we showed a sticky navigation bar with 5 actions such as (newsletter signup, and visiting certain landing pages). Upon completion of each task, the navigation would transform into a completed state while using cookies to store it for future reference.

Test #55 on by Lisa Seaman   Aug 11, 2016 Desktop Home & Landing

Lisa Seaman Tested Pattern #14: Exposed Menu Options In Test #55 On

In this test, some of the menu options (accessible in the top right hamburger menu) were copied over onto the top navigation. The options that were exposed were "All Products", "Free Trial" and "Buy".

Test #18 on by James Foster   Jul 01, 2016 Mobile Home & Landing

James Foster Tested Pattern #2: Icon Labels In Test #18 On

This is a retest of Test017 with a lengthier testing duration.

Test #12 on by Nicole Morris   Dec 01, 2015 Desktop Mobile Home & Landing

Nicole Morris Tested Pattern #29: Surfaced Content In Test #12 On

In the B variation, 3 blog posts were referenced at the bottom of the homepage. Each of the blog post articles also contained strong copy to present the problem the service was helping customers with (porn addition) - along with clear calls to start a subscription (the primary metric).