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Test #12 on by Nicole Morris   Dec 01, 2015 Desktop Mobile Home & Landing

Nicole Morris Tested Pattern #29: Surfaced Content In Test #12 On

In the B variation, 3 blog posts were referenced at the bottom of the homepage. Each of the blog post articles also contained strong copy to present the problem the service was helping customers with (porn addition) - along with clear calls to start a subscription (the primary metric).

Test #121 on by VWO   Mar 13, 2015 Shopping Cart

VWO Tested Pattern #1: Remove Coupon Fields In Test #121 On published this test which removed two coupon fields on a shopping cart: a gift card code and a special offer code.

Test #4 on by Oskar Zabik   Dec 03, 2014 Mobile Desktop Product

Oskar Zabik Tested Pattern #54: Buy Now Or Smaller Commitment Button In Test #4

A simple experiment with a button label change - comparing "buy now" vs potentially easier "contact this seller now" buttons. This test ran on a marketplace product detail page with the intention of generating leads.

Test #129 on by Kyle Rush   Jun 01, 2012 Desktop Checkout

Kyle Rush Tested Pattern #9: Multiple Steps In Test #129 On

Kyle's team changed a donation form for the Barack Obama 2012 campaign from a single step to a 4 step one. The 4 steps were: amount, personal information, billing information and occupation/employer.

"Our plan was to separate the field groups into four smaller steps so that users did not feel overwhelmed by the length of the form." - Kyle Rush