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Test #70 on by Kuba Koziej   Nov 01, 2016 Desktop Pricing

Kuba Koziej Tested Pattern #17: Expensive First In Test #70 On

This test simply ordered the pricing plans from highest to most expensive. Overall sales decreased by an insignificant -1% with a possible +14% increase to the most expensive plan. The net effect was an insignificant 0.9% increase the the premium plans.

Test #66 on by Chris Goward   Nov 01, 2016 Shopping Cart

Chris Goward Tested Pattern #9: Multiple Steps In Test #66 On

Telestream specializes in software that make it possible to get video content to any audience regardless of how it is created, distributed, or viewed. Telestream’s customer acquisition strategy is centered around driving traffic to their website to trial, or to purchase from their online store. Shoppers can buy software online, download it right away, and immediately start using it. The variation was designed with the same information as the control except spread across 4 steps (instead of 3). The rationale was that each step would be shorter and less overwhelming for the user.

Test #55 on by Lisa Seaman   Aug 11, 2016 Desktop Home & Landing

Lisa Seaman Tested Pattern #14: Exposed Menu Options In Test #55 On

In this test, some of the menu options (accessible in the top right hamburger menu) were copied over onto the top navigation. The options that were exposed were "All Products", "Free Trial" and "Buy".

Test #54 on by Chris Goward   Aug 11, 2016 Product

Chris Goward Tested Pattern #7: Social Counts In Test #54

Client background (e.g. industry, business model):

This client is a healthcare company: their website is designed for lead generation. This company collects leads for their kidney-focused programs and ultimately provides kidney dialysis for those who decide to become patients.


Experiment background:

This experiment was focused on a right rail and the goal was to encourage more users to sign up to download the client’s free diabetes-friendly cookbook.

Test #18 on by James Foster   Jul 01, 2016 Mobile Home & Landing

James Foster Tested Pattern #2: Icon Labels In Test #18 On

This is a retest of Test017 with a lengthier testing duration.