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Test #164 on by Martin Wong   Apr 04, 2018 Desktop Mobile Thank You

Martin Wong Tested Pattern #50: Autoplay Video In Test #164 On

In this test, the variation autoplayed the video (with sound). The thank you page offered a discount on a cross-sell product - The Supplement Goal Reference. The video first communicate a sincere thank you, followed by the product cross-sell.

Test #157 on by Viljo Vabrit   Mar 06, 2018 Desktop Product

Viljo Vabrit Tested Pattern #62: Urgent Next Day Delivery In Test #157 On

Hypothesis - Urgency leads to higher conversions as people have less time to think and will instead follow their impulse to complete the purchase now rather than later.

The Treatment - From Monday to Friday, before 4 PM, we added the urgency message “Free next business day delivery if you order before 4 PM (UK)”. We placed the urgency message just below the product name ensuring that it fell into the reading pattern of all visitors interested in the products. To ensure the treatment was only shown at the right time and for the right people we added a condition: MON, TUE, WED, THU, FRI before 4 PM; UK IP.

Test #156 on by Vito Mediavilla   Feb 25, 2018 Desktop Listing

Vito Mediavilla Tested Pattern #60: Repeated Bottom Call To Action In Test #156 On

This test duplicated two buttons at the bottom of the page. However, the site already contained floating buttons (from the header).

Test #145 on by Nathon Raine   Jan 18, 2018 Desktop Checkout

Nathon Raine Tested Pattern #1: Remove Coupon Fields In Test #145 On

In this test the coupon field was replaced with a small link that would bring the field back if needed. This is a more suble approach than just completely removing the coupon field. It still allows for the use of coupon fields by those customers which are truly searching for a way to enter their aquired codes.